Brain Friendly Training – Box Set (All 5 Video Packages)

Brain Friendly Training – Box Set (All 5 Video Packages)

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Get access to 5 exclusive Brain Friendly Training video packages for 12 months.

From Brain Friendly Training guru of “30 years” – Laurie Kelly

Packages included:

What Will You Learn:

  • Critical techniques needed in every situation
  • How to create powerful lesson overviews
  • How to teach using all the senses to maximise learning
  • How to deliver the lessons that engages all of your learners’ brain
  • Range of strategies and activities to keep students awake
  • How to unlock the potential of the students’ minds throughout every lesson
  • How to use sound, word, visuals, and movement to ensure your students are engaged
  • How to keep your learners engaged and attentive throughout your lesson
  • Powerful ways to spark your learners’ curiosity
  • How to design and deliver lessons that feel personally real, relevant, and useful
  • How to maximise students’ learning of skills and knowledge
  • Techniques to improve the learning environment and teaching methods
  • How to schedule revisions
  • Most common strategies for every educators
  • How to execute your learning environment
  • How to improve your classroom management and presentation skills

Why Should You Attend:

  • Teaching students the same method is a mistake every educator make
  • Students will easily recall every lesson
  • A “great” educator is better that an “ordinary” teacher
  • Methods ensures your learners are always in perfect, engaged, and “ready to learn” state
  • You can be one of the few powerful and gifted educators around the world
  • Simple techniques dramatically transforms your students’ engagement
  • Every lessons should “stick” with the students
  • Engagement and attention is everything
  • “Keeping it real” while training and teaching ensures that learners are deeply engaged
  • A great educator needs to master simple skills to make the learning environment interesting and fun
  • As an educator, managing the classroom and students is a big deal

This bundle contains the following products:

Are your learners in a state ready to learnAre your learners in a state ready to learn
Building Inner StrengthBuilding Inner Strength
Cautions when using Power PointCautions when using Power Point
Concience ConvincersConcience Convincers
Difficult people (Part 1 - Interview)Difficult people (Part 1 - Interview)
Difficult people (Part 2 - Interview)Difficult people (Part 2 - Interview)
Doing vs ConsumingDoing vs Consuming
Early Engagement (Part 1)Early Engagement (Part 1)
Early Engagement (Part 2)Early Engagement (Part 2)
Embedded CommandsEmbedded Commands
Establishing Prior KnowledgeEstablishing Prior Knowledge
Expect the UnexpectedExpect the Unexpected
Feed Back (interview)Feed Back (interview)
Flipped ClassroomFlipped Classroom
Global LearnersGlobal Learners
How to StudyHow to Study
Influencing State with Auditory ActivitiesInfluencing State with Auditory Activities
Influencing State with Kinesthetic ActivitiesInfluencing State with Kinesthetic Activities
Influencing State with Tactile ActivitiesInfluencing State with Tactile Activities
Influencing State with Visual ActivitiesInfluencing State with Visual Activities
Keeping it Real (Part 1)Keeping it Real (Part 1)
Keeping it Real (Part 2)Keeping it Real (Part 2)
Keeping it Real (Part 3)Keeping it Real (Part 3)
Left & Right BrainLeft & Right Brain
Managing groups (interview)Managing groups (interview)
Managing NervesManaging Nerves
Managing the RoomManaging the Room
Managing TimeManaging Time
Masking Tape - great training toolMasking Tape - great training tool
Memory ChallengeMemory Challenge
Minimize Learners Anxiety (Part 1)Minimize Learners Anxiety (Part 1)
Minimize Learners Anxiety (Part 2)Minimize Learners Anxiety (Part 2)
Revisions (Part 1)Revisions (Part 1)
Revisions (Part 2)Revisions (Part 2)
Rich and Multi SensoryRich and Multi Sensory
Universal ExperiencesUniversal Experiences
Unlocking the Brain's PotentialUnlocking the Brain's Potential
Use Language to InfluenceUse Language to Influence
Using Playing CardsUsing Playing Cards
VAKT Part 1VAKT Part 1
VAKT Round RobinVAKT Round Robin
Visual OverviewVisual Overview

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